Monday, October 3, 2011

Retail Therapy

This weekend I had some great finds! I don't know if I really want the cold dreary weather to get here or what? I am usually not a flats kind of gal, when you are 5"0 you normally always want to be in a heel or wedge. I decided to get a couple pairs of flats and what a great bargain Target has on some really cute ones!

I have also been wanting a bubble umbrella since my trip to New York. I got a really cute one with pink trim. It seems like the perfect umbrella on the days when it rains and it's windy blowing the water all over you.

Lastly to add to my jean collection I got a pair of Hudson's. I just love the fit and cut of these jeans. I was never a jean gal up until maybe a couple years ago. I found a new appreciation for denim. :) I need to start adding a few fall/winter pieces to my closet. I was looking for some sweaters or long sleeve shirts but nothing caught my eye. Happy shopping!

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