Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Slow Cookin

I love slow cooking it's fast it's easy and the clean up is simple! I found a three set slow cooker and was in high heaven. I thought to myself I can get three meals done all at one time and have them prepped and put away on Sunday evening for the week!
I found this slow cooker three set at Macys last weekend on sale for $89.99 I then headed to JC Penny and found it on sale for $59.99 I bought that one as a bunco gift! Over this past weekend I found this treasure at Walmart for $34.00 same size and everything. I ended up making Chicken and cheese enchiladas in one pot, Garlic basil chicken and will serve it over angel hair pasta in the second one. The last pot I threw some chicken with seasoning and a tad bit of water cooked that up. I will end up turning that into a broccoli cheese chicken and rice casserole and serve it with warm butter rolls.
I can't wait for the fall weather to get here so I can make some delicious soups!!


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